Saturday, March 24, 2007

Judie Tzuke

A classic moment in music, from a highly underrated songwriter, Ms Judie Tzuke. I've blogged about Bailey Tzuke on here before, but it's high time Judie got some LMP coverage as well.

I became a huge fan of Judie's after being introduced to one of her more recent albums "Secret Agent", by my friend Kirsty. I instantly became hooked on not only the quality of her songwriting, but also the richness and warm maturity of her voice.

This is a clip of the lady herself performing (live I might add) her biggest and most well-known song "Stay With Me Til Dawn", back in 1979.

You can find out all the info you could ever need on Judie on her own website, and hear her forthcoming material and latest news on her (now obligatory) Myspace page.

Recommended listening:

Welcome To The Cruise, Judie's first studio album.

Buy from Judie's online store

Secret Agent, my favourite of Judie's albums.

Currently out of stock on Judie's store, but check it if you can.

The Essential Rocket Years, for those that like things digital.

Buy from iTunes

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Steg said...

A massively underrated talent. And a very nice lady too.