Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Elliot Green.....An Appreciation Blog

Recently I've been digging deep in my music collection and checking out things from days gone by. One of the best albums I've found so far is by a band who used to live and perform regularly in the town where I used to live - Yeovil in Somerset.

Elliot Green's first and only album "United States" is one of those albums that's brilliant, but also makes you so frustrated at the fact that it didn't really get the recognition it so rightly deserved.

Elliot Green consisted (certainly for the most part, and for the recording of the album) of Steve Mobley (Drums), Paul Stevenson (Bass & Backing Vocals), and was fronted by vocalist and guitarist Gary Perry.

The two singles taken from the album, "Red Rum" and "Lonely Rider" were fantastic, but by no means were they the highlights of the album. Dig a little deeper, and songs such as "Come On", "Rectify" and "The Push I Needed" (to name but a few) could as easily have been succesful singles.

The album was released on the legendary, but now defunct indie label Playtime Records, headed up by Paula Greenwood, and a label that played host to many up and coming bands such as Bandit Queen, and early Inspiral Carpets material.

The album was, without wanting to pigeonhole it, very much the post-grunge, punk influenced, with just the right amount of "rarrrrr" factor. It was raw, edgy, yet able to cross boundaries. It should be noted that it was also produced by John Parish, of PJ Harvey fame.

Unfortunately (like all the best bands) they disbanded after some major troubles within the team, and never got round to recording a second album, but like they always say "it's better to burn out than fade away".

If you haven't heard this album you may well have missed out, although I think second-hand or old stock copies go on Ebay and Amazon regularly. It's definitely one to seek out.

Check out the single "Red Rum" here.

Or stream it here:

EDITED 06/10/09 - Buy the album from iTunes here. You won't regret it!


Velvet Empire said...

It's a long time since I heard anyone mention Elliot Green? Gary Perry - dead or alive? I used to know a girl who Gary had a crush on - so he wrote her a letter in his own bloody to ask her out. Funnily enough, she said no.

Paula said...

Aaah great to come across people with fantastic taste. This was the best album Playtime ever released, I loved Elliot Green and hope one day many many people will discover this classic debut album. Playtime never folded, just stopped putting records out for many reasons! I'm in touch with Paul from the band and hope to bring more in the future. The album is available via Itunes. Don't forget X.



High Eight said...

Hey Paula! Thanks for the update. Drop me a mail on, would be good to hear what you're up to. :)