Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hawksley Workman

I've just been getting into the music of Hawksley Workman, and although I've got a long way to go I thought I'd just do a little Like Minded People introduction for those that aren't yet aware.

Up until this year Hawksley has been a huge star in his native Canada, but sources tell me that the next step is to try and break into the UK market. And why not I say.

Here's my current favourite song:

"We Still Need A Song"

To my ears, the guy has a great voice with touches of Bono in there, but definitely with a unique stamp. From what I've heard so far, the songwriting talent is fantastic, and definitely makes me want to hear more. I managed to miss his live dates in the UK a few months ago, but from what I hear he's a born entertainer.

Also loving the video for his song "Jealous Of Your Cigarette"

More information on Hawksley Workman:


Buy Hawksley Workman tracks from iTunes here.

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