Monday, July 14, 2008

Bassboosa - 'Succumb'

At long last the first single release from Bassboosa 'Succumb' is OUT! If you haven't heard it yet, or the album for that matter, I seriously suggest checking it out in it's entirety.

Succumb is one of my favourite tracks on the album, and is an awesome blend of pop with dark overtones, mixing electronica and live instrumentation.

On the package are new alternative mixes from Glen Nicholls (a more electronic sounding version that stays true to the strongest points of the original), Tim Cox (a smooth, laid-back chilled version) and Future Funk Squad (who take elements of the vocals and original parts and twist them into a more driving breakbeat club track).

Here's the video for those that haven't heard it.

A clip of the Future Funk Squad Remix:

This is a digital only release, and is available from the following stores:

HMV Digital
Tesco Digital
Global Groove Digital
Dance Records

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