Saturday, May 24, 2008


I heard Royworld's "Dust" single this morning and had to blog about it straight away. Why is it such great music seems to come out as soon as the sun shines?

I'm really looking forward to hearing this band's album when it's released on 2nd June. If their singles "Dust" and "Man In The Machine" are anything to go by I'll be rushing straight out to buy it!

The band were apparently formed at Goldsmiths in London as soon ago as 2006. Talk about overnight success! A single release on Fierce Panda later, and they were rocketing towards stardom and eventually signed to Virgin.

The band cite their influences as Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel amongst others.

You can grab a free download of their first single "Elasticity" here in exchange for an email address and brief info.

More info:

Buy downloads, and order CD's from
"Dust" Digital Track
"Man In The Machine" Digital Track
"Man In The Machine" CD Album
"Man In The Machine" Digital Album

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I started listening to Dust last month but I just got around to blogging about it this week. I'm also loving Man In The Machine. Fantastic stuff! I often hear great music via the Internet or XM Satellite Radio and I try to share it on my blog with others because American FM radio listeners are being cheated. The stations refuse to play a wide variety outside radio mainstays that are over hyped.

ROYWORLD is made of awesomeness!